2018/05/03 11:24 [News and Events]International Conference on Medical Translation

nternational Conference on Medical Translation and Interpreting Practice

Conference Highlights
To foster strategic partnership in the field of international health and medicine, the conference will explore on two major issues: first, ways to achieve competitive advantage through self-assessment and the utilization of resources during a hospital’s process of internalization, and second, ways to integrate language and medical services in the provision of international health and services through case studies of collaboration between language and medical professionals in Taiwan and Japan. The conference organizer has invited JCI Asia Pacific Director Ms. Joyce Chang and Dr. Kiyohiro Houkin as keynote speakers to discuss the collaboration between foreign language service providers and medical professionals in the provision of international medical services.
 Joint Commission International (JCI) over the last 22 years has provided international accreditation and certification to more than 800 medical institutions in 100 countries worldwide, while Hokkaido University Hospital has a 95-year history in providing health care services.​

Date:Friday to Saturday, June 24 - 25, 2016

Venue:1F, Conference Hall, 3F, Conference Room, at Cardinal Yu Pin Administration Building